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VVC Position Descriptions

Unique Work Placement

One way VVC is unique among year-of-service programs is that all VVC members serve full-time in a unique work placement with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati for the duration of their 11-month commitment. The program provides members with excellent professional work experience in a supportive context and in a variety of departments at St. Vincent de Paul.

Grow in Faith and Friendship

Because VVC members live and work in the same area, they have an unparalleled opportunity to support one another as they grow in faith, friendship, and service throughout the year. One hundred percent of VVC members finish the program with a meaningful next-step in their career.

VVCs are assigned to an area of interest or department, which include:

Social Services – VVC Social Services Associate
The Social Services team works directly with those we serve, helping them overcome barriers to stability, providing personal assistance with food, clothing, rent, utilities, furniture, and transportation. As a team, you will work to provide help to those seeking assistance, through home visits and one-on-one in-office meetings.  You will also have the opportunity to be involved in other projects, such as overseeing one of our client support programs which provide transportation or furniture assistance; the Sweet Cheeks diaper program; facilitating financial literacy trainings; or working with programs designed to build and enhance community.

Community Relations – VVC Community Relations Associate
Our Community Relations department works to promote the work of the Society, to support the programs that provide basic needs for our neighbors. Your work focuses on marketing and publicity (including social media, email and text campaigns, writing, photography, video, etc.) as well as event planning and coordination. This position includes a weekly block of time working directly with our neighbors in need.

Food & Nutrition (Choice Pantry) – VVC Pantry Associate
Our Choice Pantry reveals provides families and individuals free, monthly access to food, where the families are able to choose what they take home, within guidelines based on household size. Working in the Choice Pantry, you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with our neighbors in need and volunteers alike; work with food donations as well as assist with key logistics for our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Distributions. The versatility in the job makes each day a little different and fosters a wide array of managerial, professional and personal skills.

Healthcare (Charitable Pharmacy) – VVC Pharmacy Associate
As the only charitable pharmacy in southwest Ohio, we meet one-on-one to provide individual support and assistance to each neighbor seeking medication assistance, qualifying them for services and assessing other basic needs. Working in the Charitable Pharmacy, you serve as a linkage to a very important resource, completing the intake process to provide people with access to free prescription medication. This experience will be beneficial for people interested in both healthcare administration and direct patient care professions. We serve patients in Hamilton, Clermont, Warren and Butler counties. Knowledge and interest in the healthcare field helpful but not necessary.

Member and Program Services —VVC Outreach Services Associate
Overseeing our Social Services department, the Bed Program, Reentry program and seasonal programs is our Member and Program Services department, which provides emergency assistance to our neighbors in need. In this position, you will coordinate the Bed Program – which provides beds to families in need; coordinate a Christmas/holiday program, as well as help to facilitate the annual Fan and A/C distribution program in the summer. This position will include providing support for other departments, such as Social Services and the Choice Pantry, in between the seasonal programs. You will have ample opportunity to exercise your organizational and relational skills in this position.

Ozanam Center for Service Learning – VVC Service Learning Associate
The Ozanam Center provides service learning experiences for youth, young adult and adult participants in hopes of instilling a passion for service, social justice, and advocacy. Working in the Ozanam Center, you will both facilitate service learning experiences (retreats, Poverty Simulations, and workshops) as well as provide administrative assistance. You will need self-motivation and a passion for social justice as you research social justice issues, learn our curriculum, assist with data and retreat preparation, and facilitate discussions and activities. You will also regularly participate in direct assistance to the neighbors we serve through home visits and other opportunities.

Parish Support – VVC Parish Support Associate
At the foundation of the great work of SVDP lies more than 1000 volunteers, called Vincentians, in 56 parish-based Conferences, who respond to their neighbors in need through home visits and direct services.  In this position, you will help provide support to our Vincentians: providing access to information and resources in support of their spiritual formation and service to neighbors; assisting with events and programs designed for Conference Members; supporting Conferences in providing Conference assistance funds for their neighbors; and advocating to local utility companies and landlords in issuing these funds. This position will include a weekly block of time working directly with our neighbors in need.

Re-entry – VVC Re-Entry Program Associate
Returning citizens face many challenges when rebuilding their lives following incarceration, and many times these challenges can keep them stuck in poverty. St. Vincent de Paul’s Re-entry program addresses these challenges, providing returning citizens with mentorship, access to needed resources, and ongoing support as they work toward employment and self-sufficiency. In this position, you will help support returning citizens seeking assistance through our Upward to Work Program classes; one-on-one intake meetings to connect them to our services and programs, as well as provide education around re-entry to our participants through the Ozanam Center for Service Learning Retreats, etc. This position will be part-time, coupled with another part-time VVC position, depending on your interest and placement needs.

Finance and Accounting – VVC Accounting Associate
To best serve our neighbors in need at St. Vincent de Paul, responsible stewardship of the resources given to us is crucial. Equally important to direct service work is the team of people who operate behind-the-scenes to ensure that our neighbors can receive much-needed support. In this position, you will assist the finance department in completing the month-end closing cycle, including thrift store revenue, bank reconciliations, financial statements, and accounts payable processing. In addition, you will assist with fixed asset accounting and tracking, preparation of documentation for our annual financial audit, and using donor tracking software to prepare reports for a monthly revenue journal entry. This position will be part-time, coupled with another part-time position working directly with our neighbors in need. Accounting degree necessary.

Data Management and IT – VVC Data Management Associate
In order to best serve our neighbors in need, we capture personal and family information, as well as service history, allowing us to determine how to best provide support and share the story of the work we do. In this position, you will put analytical and detail-oriented skills to work alongside our Resource Analyst to analyze data trends via CMS (Case Management System) to help inform staff and volunteers how to best operate our programs. You will also provide training and support for SVdP volunteers in using CMS, while gaining experience in project management skills and practical implementation of data processing. This position will include a weekly block of time working directly with our neighbors in need.

Latino Support and Advocacy—VVC Bi-lingual Support Associate
St. Vincent de Paul provides assistance without regard to race or creed. As a significant number of neighbors requesting assistance from SVDP speak Spanish as their first language, speaking with these neighbors in their native language provides dignity and respect and ensures they are understood and their needs are met. In this position, you will assist the organization by providing interpretation for meetings with neighbors across all of our direct service programs. You will also help to develop bi-lingual promotional materials and assist Conference Vincentians in their communications with Spanish speaking neighbors. This position will be part-time, coupled with another part-time VVC position, depending on your interest and placement needs.


In addition to their primary position, each volunteer has the opportunity to engage in professional development/personal interest projects throughout the year. The list includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

Development/grant writing/fundraising – Support the broad range of activities overseen by the development department, from researching grants to special event planning.

Marketing/social media – Provide content and ideas to support SVDP’s marketing and social media efforts, from quarterly newsletters to promoting fundraising events.

Re-entry Program – Provide support for programs and events for SVDP’s Re-entry program, supporting and advocating for people returning to the community following incarceration.

SVDP Conference Support – Assist with new initiatives that encourage and welcome new members and support current programs and events for the parish-based SVDP Conferences. Meet with high school Conferences to share VVC and Conference life experience.

Holiday Programs – Help plan and execute the numerous special programs and services offered from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Ozanam Center for Service Learning – Work with youth to engage them in issues of social justice, planning educational and experiential activities.

Social Services – Provide tenant/landlord and/or financial literacy courses for people seeking assistance. Work one-on-one with people seeking assistance.

Logistics and Data – Examine processes and procedures to identify areas needing improved efficiency and process redesign. Work with data across the agency to assess accuracy and effectiveness in collection and management, particularly using our client database and agency dashboard metrics.

Volunteer Engagement – Work with corporate groups, high school students, one-time event volunteers and individuals who have been volunteering weekly for years, ensuring that our neighbors in need have access to services through caring, compassionate volunteers and that the volunteers have a positive experience working with our organization.

Sustainability and Community Garden – In addition to overseeing a number of sustainable initiatives, SVDP is poised to begin an urban garden on our property, providing fresh, local produce to supply our Choice Food Pantry. Support the ongoing development of the Pantry garden and oversee group and individual volunteers in support of these efforts.