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FAQs for Parents

Put Your Mind at Ease

As parents, we only want the best for our children as they take their first steps in the professional world. Your concerns can be put at ease knowing your son or daughter is making that first step in this excellent program.

Q: I want my child to succeed after college. How does this program benefit them professionally?

A: One of the goals of the VVC program is to not only give young professionals the opportunity to serve but to also help them grow and develop skills to succeed in their future career/ vocation as well. VVC work placements provide members with quality, professional nonprofit experience in a position matched to the member’s gifts and career interests. We also provide volunteers with monthly leadership development workshops and a professional mentor to walk with and assist them as they discern next-steps after their service year.

Q: How can my child pay off student loans while volunteering for a year?

A: One of the benefits of completing a year with VVC is an Education Award that can go toward paying past loans or future schooling. For many volunteers, this is more money than they would have been able to put toward their loans in an entry-level job out of college. Assistance with putting eligible loans in deferment for the duration of the program year is also provided for volunteers.

Q: What about other bills? How can my child afford those?

A: All basic needs are covered by the VVC program. As a benefit of the program, volunteers live together in a house provided by VVC. Room and board, including utility bills, are covered by the program. In addition, renter’s insurance and health insurance is provided by VVC. A monthly cell phone reimbursement and a monthly allotment of bus tokens are also provided, in addition to access to a company van for work and program-related needs. Each VVC also receives a modest monthly personal stipend for them to use at their discretion. The VVC program promotes the values of simplicity, striving for an experience of solidarity with our neighbors in need while ensuring all basic needs are met.

Q: I am anxious about my child living on their own. What kind of support does the program offer?

A: VVC has an excellent safety net for volunteers to ensure their success. The VVC Support Team spends time regularly with the community both in and out of the office to give needed counsel and support. Regular check-ins with volunteers help address concerns both professionally and personally before they become a larger issue. SVDP staff and supervisors provide special support to the VVC members, because of their unique role. Volunteers are also matched with a professional mentor to walk with them on their journey.

Additionally, we do everything possible to ensure the physical safety of volunteers. Due to St. Vincent de Paul’s longstanding presence in our neighborhood, we are regarded as a respected and well-known community partner. The volunteers’ house has a security system, and volunteers are encouraged to take precautionary measures, such as walking to and from work in groups. Safety is also discussed starting during the program orientation.

What are people saying about VVC?

``Sarah (VVC '16 - '17) is an amazing asset to our team because of her skills working with web design and social media marketing. Her job offer was a direct result of her valuable experiences on her resume, specifically those gained through the VVC program.`` - Jessica Harrington, ACES Program Coordinator, University of Maryland
``Our daughter had an incredibly positive experience serving the VVC community. She already had a heart for serving others and living in community with like-minded individuals was truly a blessing for her.`` - Judy and Ky McCarty