Norm Zins

How long have you been a Vincentian?  About 8 years.


Conference: Corpus Christi/St. John Neumann


Your role in the Society: Neighbor Visitor and Spiritual Advisor


How did you become a Vincentian? I felt a calling to get involved with The Society


 Most memorable Home Visit: During a phone neighbor visit the neighbor opened his Bible to read along with the scripture verse that was being shared with him. He shared that he had not been in as good of a relationship with God lately and he wanted to increase that.


Biggest lesson you’ve learned as a Vincentian? My fellow Vincentians are very spirit filled people. The spiritual depth of each Vincentian I know is an inspiration to me. It is such a privilege to be with them and learn from them! We truly are the Body of Christ working, living and caring for our neighbors as we work together to contribute to our spiritual growth. Being Vincentians is who we are, not what we do.


What has made you stick with the ministry? Spiritual growth. I was surprised at finding out that my purpose of being a Vincentian was my spiritual growth. It is a life long journey. Our neighbors are very spiritual people and I am inspired by their faithfulness and humility.


Anything else that you’d like to add? There are many ups and downs in the Vincentian life. Don’t give up. I burned out after the first three years as Vincentian. After a few years off I strongly felt the urge to rejoin. I have learned that this is God’s work for His greater honor and glory. I am a participant and a small part of His great love and care for all humanity and all He created.