Safeguarding our Community

St. Vincent de Paul  Safeguarding our Community

Why is St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati committed to safeguarding?

St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati commits to the effective implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures as a responsibility to uphold the dignity of our neighbors, whether they are seeking assistance, an employee, a Vincentian, or a volunteer.




Safeguarding is the act of protecting people who are vulnerable from harm. It involves reducing and preventing risks of harm and working to ensure the safety and empowerment of vulnerable individuals and communities. Safeguarding involves recognizing the human rights of all persons and working to prevent and address violations of those rights.


In the context of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, safeguarding involves working to ensure that in seeking to assist people in need, we are committed to do no harm to their health and wellbeing or put them at risk of abuse or neglect.


St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati seeks to address safeguarding as it applies to children and young people. It also applies to other vulnerable people, acknowledging that people could be vulnerable to abuse or neglect by reason of their age, physical or mental disability, or poverty and reliance on support services.


As Vincentians, the nature of our work means that there is often a power imbalance when we encounter a person in need; a person’s circumstances, whereby they are seeking help, and our position as a provider of financial, material, or personal support, creates a risk and renders vulnerable the person seeking help. In committing to safeguarding, we are not just seeking to ensure the prevention, reporting, and appropriate response to abuse; we are also seeking to create safe and respectful environments.


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