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Rent & Utility Assistance

Keeping the lights on

Life is one decision after another. Unfortunately, all too often the decision is to use what little money is available to pay the rent, the electric bill or put food on the table.

We’re here to help

Requests for rent and utility assistance are not guaranteed. Hamilton County residents whose address is not covered by a Conference of St. Vincent de Paul may be served by the Neyer Outreach Center, and can apply in two ways:

  • Apply for financial assistance online through our Rent & Utilities Request Form. A pre-screening page will let you know if you are eligible to apply before the request form is offered.
  • Call our Help Line at 513-421-0602 to submit a request over the phone. You will need to leave a message on our voicemail, and you will receive a phone call back to complete the request.
  • Please note that if your address is covered by a St. Vincent de Paul Conference, you will be referred to your Conference for assistance.

Due to the large number of requests received, once a request for financial assistance is submitted, you will only be contacted if our team is able to assist. The timeframe for a phone call from our team will come within 7 business days.

Assistance is limited to once every 12 months. Applying does not guarantee assistance is provided.