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Re-entry Program

Helping people turn their lives around

Our Re-entry Program is designed to help formerly incarcerated individuals and their families make a successful transition back into the community by providing ongoing support to men and women who want to turn their lives around.

And it works. The program has helped hundreds of formerly incarcerated people find jobs and get back on their feet. How?

  • By offering funds for basic needs assistance to support their efforts to re-establish self-sufficiency.
  • By working with employers who are willing to hire returning citizens.
  • By educating the community on the barriers to employment faced by returning citizens.
  • By connecting returning citizens with mentors to help them foresee and get over hurdles.
  • By getting them actively involved in groups such as the Help Program, Project WESTT or the Amos Project.

Upward to Work

In 2019, St. Vincent de Paul elevated its Re-entry Program by adding a new program called “Upward to Work,” a six-week program that both educates them on ways to get ahead despite the efforts to keep them down, and opens a door for them to move through by providing them with a job. It includes a spinoff of St. Vincent de Paul’s successful overcoming poverty program “Getting Ahead” called “Getting Ahead While Getting Out.”

Upward to Work is tough. Members attend class for three hours daily before going to work at a job that’s been prearranged for them. For those not accustomed to the demands and discipline required of both working and going to school, it’s an immense challenge. But the rewards are worth it.

To learn more about the Re-entry Program or Working Better Together

Contact Dion Crockett at 513-562-8841, ext. 851, or send email to: dcrockett@SVDPcincinnati.org.