News Stories

Filling the Need

Since opening in 2006, the Charitable Pharmacy has filled more than 500,000 free prescriptions, helping keep healthy our neighbors who otherwise couldn’t afford their doctor-prescribed medication

Kicking the Habit

The Charitable Pharmacy has a success rate of helping people kick the habit of smoking that is nearly twice the national average. Here are some of the success stories

The PHARMer's Market

The Charitable Pharmacy is piloting a program that prescribes food as a drug to help patients with diabetes

Resurrection of a Conference

An increased need for assistance in the neighborhood and the need for additional support spurred nine parishioners from Church of the Resurrection to step forward, become Vincentians and revive the Conference.

Getting Ahead

To help break the cycle of poverty St. Vincent de Paul began “Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World,” a program built upon the works of Ruby Payne, an educator and expert in the culture of poverty, with Vincentian spirituality added on.

Store Donations

Donations to the Thrift Stores come in all sizes and shapes…and calibers.