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Join or Start a Conference

As you read this, volunteers across Greater Cincinnati, called Vincentians, are driving to meet neighbors, talking with them on the phone, delivering food, and providing clothing and furniture to people in need. These Vincentians don’t have sirens on their cars, they don’t wear uniforms, they simply serve. We all have a calling to serve — Vincentians live this out in many ways, but centrally through listening to and caring for neighbors in need. “Vincentians strive to seek out and find those in need and the forgotten…” (Rule, Part 1, 1.5)


Will you serve with us? Will you become a Vincentian?

Joining a Conference

In many Catholic parishes across Cincinnati, St. Vincent de Paul chapters, called Conferences, meet regularly to pray, talk, and laugh with each other. Conferences are made up of people from all walks of life who have been brought together out of compassion for those in need. When they’re not meeting, they’re serving. Every Conference is different, but all do their best to meet the needs of their particular neighborhood, concentrating on accompanying those who come to them.

If you would like to learn more or be introduced to your local Conference, please contact our Vincentian Services team by calling 513-345-4983, or through email at


Starting a Conference

If you know that there is no Conference near you and you would like to form your own Conference at your school, institution, or company, we would be delighted to help. Conferences are most commonly found in Catholic parishes, but they can form anywhere where inspiration has ignited a group of hearts to serve.

For help fostering your inspiration, please reach out to our Vincentian Services team at 513-345-4983, or