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Rent & Utility Assistance

Keeping the lights on

Life is one decision after another. Unfortunately, all too often the decision is to use what little money is available to pay the rent, the electric bill or put food on the table.

We’re here to help

Everyone needs a little help now and then. We realize this.

That’s why St. Vincent de Paul has resources that we reserve for helping people pay for their overdue rent and utility bills. Those in need of help can apply for assistance by phone at 513-421-0602.

Assistance is limited to once every 12 months. Applying does not guarantee assistance is provided.

City of Cincinnati Eviction Prevention Initiative

In 2019, the City of Cincinnati funded an Eviction Prevention Initiative to help those who have been served a formal notice of eviction pay their rent and stay in their homes. St. Vincent de Paul administers this Initiative for the City. It has different qualifications and requirements than other St. Vincent de Paul services, including our rent and utility assistance. Before applying, please check to see if you meet the City’s qualifications for assistance, or if you can be helped by other eviction prevention resources. For more information, call 513-562-8841, ext. 771.


  • City of Cincinnati residents
  • Meets income criteria (200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline)
  • Has notice to leave and/or eviction notice