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Clothing & Household Items

Helping You Be Your Best

You need clothes for work and school, or you may have had a fire. Sometimes you move and can’t take everything with you. There are a lot of reasons why people need help acquiring clothing and household items, which is why we offer vouchers to pay for these items for those in genuine need.

How to get help

Those requesting assistance with clothing and household items should contact their nearest St. Vincent de Paul Conference. Please check our Conference finder before calling our help line, 513-421-0602. Voucher assistance is based on need, up to a maximum of one voucher per household per 6 month period.

What you need to redeem a voucher

To redeem a voucher for clothing and household items, the following documentation is required:

Picture ID, Social Security cards (or a copy) for every member of the household who will be receiving items on the voucher.