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    Jim DeSalvo

      Tashena is a highly educated (Masters in Education) single mom with 3 children. She lost her job on May 3 when she was called into the office and informed that her position was outsourced and she was released without notice. She chose not to file for unemployment and find a new position which she did but it caused a gap in her pay. She is now working for Baylor College of Nursing making a good salary however due to the gap in pay she needs 2 months rent and utilities. She has an Eviction hearing on June 28 and must come up with $5845.75 before then. She can provide $2250 on June 21st and OLR/SM will contribute $600. We need another $2996 to keep her in her home. She has been able to manage what little money she had available to keep food on the table and medicine for her children. She is totally sustainable but just needs help over this unexpected hurdle. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Please send checks to;
      Jane Weber
      1144 Inner Circle Dr.
      Forest Park, Ohio 45240

      Don Lipps

        Cathedral/St. X Conference will help with $200.

        Mary Ann Weber

          St Joseph North Bend will chip in $200.

          Mary Beth Gramann

            St. William is happy to twin $200 to help Tashena. I see on the request above to send the check to Jane Weber. Please advise which Conference the check should be made out to.

            Diane Beeker

              Good shepherd will send $200.

              Good bless!

              Julie Bauer

                CorpusChrist/St. John Neumann will pledge $200


                St. Dominic will send $200. We will send one check for $400, $200 for Vashi and $200 for Tashena.


                Jane Weber

                  Check is made out to OLR-St. Matthias SVDP

                Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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