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    Marita Hartel

      Dear Fellow Vincentians,
      We know it’s soon since our last appeal and this is a big ask, but we thought we should at least try for our neighbor, Linda Ritchie who called us in the winter with a large Duke bill and we recommended the HEAP program. She evidently was unable to even get a response. She now has a huge Duke balance of $5637.13 and has been calling CAA almost daily for PIPP but no help yet. She and her husband have one daughter who is disabled and requires oxygen 24/7. Her husband is employed in a low paying job and she is currently looking for a job. We encouraged her to seek work at Twin Towers, Ohio Living Llanfair, and referred her to CityLink. Linda is submitting a second medical waiver today, otherwise they need to pay $1409.28 by tomorrow or their current pay plan will default and the entire balance will be due.
      We are hoping to raise $800 to be combined with St. Clare conference’s contribution of $500 CAF and $200 conference funds that would pay most of the total Duke bill. Linda can then set up a new payment plan and the family would still have one medical waiver left if times get tough again.

      Thanks for considering this request when there is so much need around.
      If you are able to contribute anything, please make the check out to St.Clare SVDP, and send it to St. Clare SVDP, 1443 Cedar Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224.

      Many thanks for the care you give with all our neighbors!
      Marita Hartel and the members of St. Clare Conference

      Jim Losekamp

        I also responded to you email as well
        The Oratory of St John Vianney conference will twin for $200
        I asked my treasure to forward the check
        Hopefully you will get more than the 800 to help their future bills

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