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    Julie Bauer

      The Corpus Christi / St. John Neumann conference is trying to help our neighbor Amber with her rental deposit. Please read Amber’s situation and prayerfully consider whether your conference can help with twinning.

      Amber is a 47-year-old single woman with special needs. Despite her challenges, she has managed to live independently, sharing an apartment with other roommates. This apartment lease was not in her name. A few weeks ago, there was a dispute within the household and Amber was forced to leave. She ended up in a shelter as a result. Amber does not drive and utilizes the bus line and/or walks for all her transportation needs.

      Amber has worked in the fast-food industry all her life. She is a very hard worker and has been successful in securing three part-time jobs in the fast-food industry (KFC, McDonald’s and Wendy’s – all on the bus line on Colerain Ave). With her three jobs, Amber’s earnings are anticipated to make her more than sustainable.

      Amber does have some family support in Indiana. Her family provides emotional support, but they are not able to help her financially. Amber is highly motivated with a very positive attitude. She attends church regularly and stated she believes God is looking out for her. She demonstrates a hard-working ethic and a commitment towards her continued independence.

      Amber needs help with the deposit on an apartment to be able to leave the shelter. She needs $1,080. She can contribute $100, CC/SJN Conference will contribute $700 which leaves a balance of $280 which is our twinning request.

      If you are able to help, please send a check to our treasurer below:
      Sylvia Corson
      3305 Boca Ln.
      Cinti, Ohio 45239

      Thanks in advance for reading her story and blessings to all,

      Rich and Julie Bauer

      Betty Kamstra

        Did you receive our reply that St Joe North Bend will send the $280 you need for Amber?
        I do not see my reply in the forum. Wondering if there is a glitch. Could you respond here and to

        Betty Kamstra
        St Joseph North Bend

        Julie Bauer


          Thank You for your generous contribution for Amber!! We and Amber truly appreciate it!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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