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Betty Kamstra

    St Joe North Bend suggests using the medical certificate to avoid disconnect. Call 513-685-4478 after 8:57 am or 513-569-1850 after 1 pm for a same day appointment. We have called around 10:00 pm and gotten through. If this doesn’t work she may want to try going to the CAA office at 1740 Langdon Farm Road in person to see if she can get an appointment. She should take the following with her: her Duke bill, proof of citizenship for each member of the household, proof of income for all members of household for last 30 days and also for last 12 months, disability verification if applicable, any supplemental income verification if applicable (housing, food stamps, etc). The PIPP form can be obtained from
    If they qualify for PIPP their old balance will go into a fund. If they qualify, their electric bill will be 1/10th of their income. As long as they continue to pay ontime 1/24 of their outstanding balance will be forgiven each month.