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Food From the Heart

We Partner with Kroger and Fox19 to Provide food to our Neighbors

The need for food and water is the one thing everyone shares. For some of our neighbors, though, putting food on the table is a tough task. Buying groceries may mean not paying the rent. That’s why they come to us—and why we have partnered each winter for nearly 30 years with Kroger and Fox19 for the “Food from the Heart” campaign.

Buy a Little Extra to Help Feed a Hungry Family

Each year, Kroger shoppers are asked to buy a little extra and make a donation to help feed a hungry family in Cincinnati. And they come through, providing more than 1.2 million meals to our neighbors in need across the Tri-State.

How you can help

When shopping in Kroger during November or December, tell the cashier you want to “round up” or make a donation to Food from the Heart. The money is then used to purchase food—including fresh fruits and vegetables—for our neighbors in need.