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Fan and Air Conditioner Drive

Help Keep Our Neighbors Safe with Fans and AC Donations

Cincinnati summers can be extremely hot. And humid. As a result, every summer many of our neighbors suffer. We see the impact firsthand during our home visits. With little ventilation, the small apartments and houses offer no retreat from the scorching heat and can easily reach more than 100 degrees inside on the worst days. Children with asthma, the elderly with respiratory issues and people burdened by illness face a significant risk.

Keeping Our Neighbors Cool

In cooperation with WCPO and Braun Heating and Air Conditioning, St. Vincent de Paul looks to reduce the suffering by handing out roughly 350 air conditioners and 500 fans to neighbors in need each year.

How you can help

Make a financial gift.  A $20 gift provides a fan and $115 provides an air conditioner.

Donate online now or by phone at 513-562-8841, ext. 259.