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Workshops, Retreats and Events

From the time of the Society’s inception, our founders relied upon others for direction and formation in the spirit of St. Vincent. In that same spirit, the Cincinnati District Council offers formation and training for our Conference Members and Officers to deepen our knowledge of the Society and our spirituality; to improve the sensitivity, quality and efficacy of our service to those in need; and to increase our awareness of available resources.

Descriptions of Conference workshops, retreats & events are listed below. Please click the button below to find specific dates and times offered for each event in 2022.

Vincentian Vocation Series

This series of three workshops are intended for all new Vincentians and for Vincentians looking to renew their commitment to the Vincentian vocation. These include:

Ozanam Orientation (REQUIRED): covers the essential elements of what it means to be part of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Home Visit Workshop: a chance to hone your skills, share insights and ask lingering questions about the foundation of our work in the Society.

Exploring Poverty: deepens our sense of solidarity with those we serve by exploring the perspectives of our neighbors in poverty and the differences between socio-economic classes.

Understanding Poverty Series

This series of three workshops is intended for any Vincentian wanting to deepen their understanding of poverty.

Exploring Poverty: deepens our sense of solidarity with those we serve by exploring the perspectives of our neighbors in poverty and the differences between socio-economic classes.

Cincinnati Poverty Simulation: experiential learning in which each participant receives an identity and must live out a “month” in poverty over the course of one hour’s time.

Implicit Bias Workshop: an interactive session during which we will define and explore our unconscious biases in a safe environment and collaboratively identify solutions in order to better serve each other.

Special Conference Events

Resource Spotlights: Resource Spotlights feature guest speakers from community organizations and our own internal specialists to share expertise and resources relevant to serving our neighbors experiencing need. Videos can be viewed via our website on the members page, “Resource Spotlight”. Previous presenters include Pro Seniors, Su Casa and the SVDP Charitable Pharmacy. Look for new programs announced in the weekly SVDP Conference News and Notes.

Summer Meeting, Fall Fellowship Mass & Reception, and Christmas Meeting: The Cincinnati District Conferences gather together several times each year to share information, to give thanks for our many blessings, to celebrate our faith and friendship, and to recognize those Vincentians who inspire us in our shared vocation.

Workshops & Retreats for the Formation of All Vincentians

Annual Vincentian Mass & Retreat: We each have different roles in the Society and yet we are called to journey together toward holiness. Each year we gather during the Lenten season to respond to the Society’s call to faith, friendship, and service. This is always a very special morning of reflection and prayer.

Conferences Retreat: A one-hour retreat experience prepared and distributed by the Conferences Support Team for use by individual Conferences between August and December 2022. All “user-friendly” materials will be provided for the Conference Spiritual Advisor – or another Vincentian – to facilitate the retreat for your Conference on a date of your choosing.

First Friday Fellowship: Join your fellow Vincentians, as well as SVDP staff and volunteers on the first Friday of each month as we share fellowship and conversation about the many rich dimensions of the Society’s essential elements: Faith, Friendship, and Service. The topics for 2022 are listed below.

January: Praying with Others

February: Black History Month Potluck and Formation

March: Intro. to Spanish and Cultural Awareness

April: Care for God’s Creation: Reflecting on Laudato Si

May: Living out our Faith Through Service

June: Crucial Conversations

July: Self Care and Compassion and Fatigue

August: Implicit Bias

September: Walking in the Footsteps of Vincent, Louise, Rosalie, and Frederic

October: Faithful Citizenship

November: Gratitude Fellowship Potluck

December: Advent Vincentian Wisdom

Conference Call-Taking Workshop: “Seeing the Face of Christ via the Phone”: Being a call-taker may be the most challenging job that a Vincentian can have. It can be difficult to make decisions about our neighbors’ needs via phone. In this workshop, we will discuss best practices in call-taking, record-keeping, and dealing with crisis situations. Extensive Q&A time is included.

Workshop Series for the Development of Conference Leaders

Beacons of Light Meeting for Conference Presidents: This is an opportunity to assemble all of our Council’s Conference Presidents to share Beacons of Light developments to-date, facilitate interaction within Families of Parishes, and inform the discernment of how our Conferences and Vincentians will evolve and grow within this Beacons of Light initiative. This assembly will take the place of the quarterly Conference Network meetings.

Conference Presidents Meeting: This Annual Meeting is for Conference Presidents only and is the perfect opportunity to meet and share ideas with other Conference Presidents, to get updates on what is going on across our District Council, and to find answers to questions related to the President’s role and the Society.

Conference Spirituality Workshop: The primary purpose of the Society is the spiritual growth of its members. This workshop is an opportunity for Conference Presidents and Spiritual Advisors (only) to assess their Conference’s progress against this goal and to discover new ways to guide their members along the path to deeper holiness.

To learn more about these workshops or to register, please contact: Formation@svdpcincinnati.org