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A medical crisis, a family emergency, a lost job—it doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed and in need of a little help. Maybe it’s a prayer or a shoulder to cry on. Maybe it’s help paying the bills. It can happen to any of us, not just those living on the edge of poverty. This is why members of St. Vincent de Paul—known as Vincentians—serve.

Join a Conference

The core of our Society’s work is done by more than 1,200 members in 56 St. Vincent de Paul Conferences across Hamilton County. A Conference is a small group of volunteers, typically associated with a parish or school, who visit those in need to assess their situations and help however possible.

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Training and Formation

The world changes, so we help our Vincentians change with it by providing thorough training and regular formations that cover topics and issues relevant to Vincentian life.

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Workshops and Retreats

Dive deeper. We regularly provide workshops and retreats that not only give Vincentians a chance to learn more about the issues that they deal with, but grow closer as a group.

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Member Support and Forms

Need to brush up on a topic or find the right form to help a neighbor? It’s all in one place.

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Prayer Resources

We don’t forget that being a Vincentian is God’s work, so we put together resources can be used by individuals or conferences as they seek to grow in the spiritual strength of which St. Vincent speaks.

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Special Mass

Each year, to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul on Sept. 27, we hold a special Mass in our Chapel.

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