Fan And Air Conditioner Drive Presented By Braun Heating And Air Conditioning

St. Vincent de Paul
2020 Fan and Air Conditioner Drive Presented by Braun Heating and Air Conditioning

St. Vincent de Paul, in partnership with Braun Heating and Air Conditioning, is once again distributing free fans and air conditioners to our neighbors in need to help them beat the dangerous heat and humidity of summer. 

Due to the coronavirus, some processes and procedures have changed from previous years.

Anyone in need of a fan or air conditioner must apply ahead of time by calling 513-562-8841, ext. 772. Applying does not guarantee assistance.

Certain eligibility requirements must be met.

FANS: There is a limit of one fan per household. Families are eligible to receive one fan every two years. If you received a fan in 2019, you are not eligible this year

AIR CONDITIONERS: Recipients of air conditioners must provide documentation of medical need or be 65 years old or older. There is a limit of one air conditioner per household. Families are eligible to receive an air conditioner once every five years. 

The distribution of all fans and air conditioners is being done this year by appointment only. If eligible to receive and fan or air conditioner, a pick-up time will be scheduled over the phone.