St. Vincent de Paul Wish List

Dear Santa,

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of year. We love to serve as your elves and help make our neighbors’ Christmas wishes come true!  Hope is alive throughout the year in our building, but even more so around the holidays.

St. Vincent de Paul staff, Vincentians and volunteers have worked very hard this past year and we’re hopeful some of our own Christmas wishes will come true, too.  Our moms have always told us to make our Christmas lists practical, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.  Here are a couple things we are hoping we’ll find in our building on Christmas morning… 

-Coffee; our volunteers and staff work tirelessly, coming into the office each day, ready to serve our neighbors in need with compassion and respect, but they sometimes need a little caffeine in the morning and late afternoon. 

-Clipboards; each of our neighbors coming to our Outreach Center uses a clipboard as they are requesting assistance, our volunteers use clipboards are they visit the homes of our neighbors in need and our staff uses clipboards at all of our events.  Clipboards are always in high demand and we never have enough to go around.

-Computers, complete with monitors, software and installation; throughout the day, we rely on our computers to enter our neighbors’ information in our database, write grants, pay bills and record stories.  But some of our computers are old and outdated, they run at a snail’s pace causing long wait times for our neighbors in need and frustration from our staff and volunteers.   

-Bunk beds and mattresses; our Ozanam Center retreatants spend their days studying social justice issues, serving our neighbors in need and reflecting on how they can make a difference in this world but need a place to rest their heads at night. 

-Liftgate for our truck; our truck drivers make the rounds each day, picking up donuts here and hot dogs there to stock the shelves of our Choice Food Pantry but they need some help with the heavy lifting. 

Thank you, Santa, for remembering us and taking good care of us!  

Donate Today

If you think you'd like to help Santa fulfill this Christmas Wish List, contact Claire Luby or call (513) 562-8841 ext. 259.