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Are you ready to serve your neighbors in need? 

We are now accepting applications for the year 2018/2019.

Application Process: 

1.     Contact Maura Carpinello at (513) 562-8841 ext. 239 or mcarpinello@SVDPcincinnati.org.
2.    Complete online application and submit. 
3.    Request a reference from three people – a mentor, an academic/professional reference, and someone you have lived with.
4.    Interview process (in person or via Skype).
5.    If accepted, placement decisions made with Program Director to determine work placement.
6.    August 26, 2018 – move-in day! Let the adventure begin …

To find out more about Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati, contact Maura Carpinello at (513) 562-8841 ext. 239 or mcarpinello@SVDPcincinnati.org.

Click here to apply today!

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