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Jordan Hoak Scholarship Fund Youth Conferences FAQs 

Program Offerings

We are now booking for the 2019-2020 program year! Please contact us for more information.

Immersion Retreats


The Ozanam Center seeks to add depth and context to the encounters people have with our neighbors in need through our overnight immersion retreats.

Weekend Immersion - An introduction to issues of poverty in Cincinnati.

4-Day Immersion (Sunday - Wednesday) -  An exploration into poverty in our community and the other issues that impact our neighbors in need.

6-Day Immersion (Sunday - Friday) - A deeper immersion into the struggles our neighbors face and the issues that often perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

High School, College & Adult Groups -

  • Cost - Ozanam Center retreats charge approximately $45 per person per day, with a $15 per person per day charge for chaperon(s). Please contact Ozanam Center staff for a more accurate quote for your group.
  • Number of Participants -  We ask that each group seeking to participate in an immersive experience with us commit to bringing at least 8 participants. If this is a concern, please let us know and we would love to help you find another organization or group with which to partner. 

Program Components Include:

  • Encounter with neighbors in need.
  • Service to find common ground.
  • Education to help understand the struggles of our neighbors.
  • Reflection to process these experiences.


The Ozanam Center offers one-day or partial-day workshops to engage groups in activities and opportunities for encounter, to help better understand the realities of our neighbors in need. 

Cincinnati Poverty Simulation

The Cincinnati Poverty Simulation challenges participants to walk in the shoes of our neighbors in need -  to explore poverty experientially. Our objective is to help people in our community better understand the realities of living in poverty, to grow in solidarity and to take action on behalf of our neighbors in need.

Location & Time - The Cincinnati Poverty Simulation is most often facilitated on-site at St. Vincent de Paul  (1125 Bank St.) but can be taken off-site for a surcharge. The entire simulation experience requires at least 2 - 2.5 full hours.

Participants - The simulation is open to people ages 18 and older. We ask that organization bring at least 10 participants in order to provide a meaningful experience. We encourage groups no larger than 30, though we are happy to discuss alternative options for larger groups. We also ask that each group provides 5-7 volunteers to run the various stations, in addition to the staff members/ volunteers that we will also provide. 

*If you are interested in participating in the Cincinnati Poverty Simulation but are not part of a larger organization that could host it independently, contact the Ozanam Center to inquire about upcoming simulations that are open to the public. 

Cost - Please contact the Ozanam Center to inquire about a quote for your specific group.

Confirmation Retreats


Cost - $25 per person, including lunch (plus $10 per chaperone). Please contact Ozanam Center staff for more information or to schedule a Confirmation retreat for your parish or school.

What to Expect - A day of service, reflection, and prayer focused on the principles of charity, justice, and solidarity.

One-Day or Partial-Day Workshops: 

Program Components Include: 

  • Encounter with neighbors in need.
  • Service to find common ground.
  • Education to help understand struggles of neighbors.
  • Reflection to process these experiences.

**Other Volunteer or Service Opportunites with St. Vincent de Paul can be found here