Gifts That Give You Income

There are ways for you to support St. Vincent de Paul with an estate gift while still feeling confident that you have dependable income for your retirement years.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY: You make an outright gift of at least $10,000 to SVDP, and SVDP agrees to pay a fixed amount annually or quarterly to you for life. Your outright gift allows SVDP to helps us sustain our work, and you receive guaranteed income for life plus possible tax benefits.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS: You establish a trust from which you or other beneficiaries receive annual payments of a fixed or variable dollar amount for life or a term of years. After this term expires or after you pass away, the remainder of the funds in your trust goes to SVDP to continue our work for neighbors in need.

If you are interested in learning more about these income-generating options, please contact SVDP’s Planned Giving and Grants Manager, Daniel Flynn, at 513-345-4994 or


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