Fan and Air Conditioner Drive

Thank you for your help keeping families safe and cool.

Every summer, many of our Cincinnati neighbors will suffer in small, stuffy apartments and houses with no retreat from the scorching heat. 

Children with asthma, the elderly with respiratory issues, and people burdened by illness will need help escaping the summer heat.

The summer of 2016 was our 15th annual fan and airconditioner drive. In cooperation with Huntington Bank, WCPO - 9 On Your Side, Tedia Company, The Beach Waterpark, and Braun Heating & Air Conditioning, St. Vincent de Paul raised over $55,000 from individuals in the community and distributed 400 air conditioners and 600 fans to neighbors in need.

Through September 1, 2016, we received donations of new fans, new window air conditioners and monetary donations that provided critical relief to neighbors in need. Thank you for your support. Dates for the 2017 drive are TBD.

If you are in need of a fan or air conditioner, click here or call 513-513-562-8841, ext. 772 for more information.

Here's how you can help.

Make a financial gift.

Donate online now, by phone at 513-421-HOPE (4673), or at any Greater Cincinnati Huntington Bank location. A $20 gift will provide a fan and $100 will provide an air conditioner. 

Give a new fan or air conditioner. 

In accordance with state law, the fans and air conditioners we provide through our charitable distributions must be new. Donate a new fan or air conditioner at any one of the seven St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores, specifically for this summer's fan and air conditioner distributions. 

Your support will do more than give your neighbor relief from the heat.

For your high-risk neighbors, it could save their lives.

Bringing a newborn home for the first time is a mix of joy and nerves for all new parents. For Tasha and Charles (pictured on this page), who were headed home with their newborn at the beginning of July, it was also a moment of fear, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees and humidity at an all-time high. 

Excessive heat exposure is a risk for all during the summer months but is especially threatening to the sick, elderly and very young. 

Tasha started working with a new company in the spring but was not yet eligible for paid maternity leave. Even with Charles employed, the recent income cut left the young family struggling to make ends meet. 

Worried, the new parents turned to St. Vincent de Paul for assistance. "Everyone needs a little help sometimes," said Tasha. Because of your generosity, they received a fan and air conditioner to ensure a safe, cool environment for the newest addition to the family. Now, mom, dad, baby and the entire family can celebrate new life without worry. 

Click here to help neighbors like Tasha, Charles, and their baby.

Give now.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

Fan and AC Drive Sponsors: Huntington, WCPO, Tedia, Braun Heating & Air Conditioning