Homelessness Prevention

Together, our outreach centers in the West End and Winton Hills and our 59 conferences prevent homelessness throughout Greater Cincinnati.  Those in need meet personally with our staff or volunteers to alleviate the initial need through financial assistance and work towards long-term solutions through budget counseling, our financial literacy program, job readiness program and other resources.

The Liz Carter Homelessness Prevention Fund
The Liz Carter Homelessness Prevention Fund is a newly-created fund to honor Liz Carter's passion for keeping struggling families in their homes. A donation to the fund ensures struggling families stay where they belong - in their homes.


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Community Stats

  • Cincinnati has the 2nd highest child poverty rate in the country.
  • In Cincinnati, 69% of families who have become homeless and seek emergency are turned away because the shelters are full. (Learn more: Cincinnati Family Homelessness Services Study, 2014, p. 4)

St. Vincent de Paul Unmet Need

  • St. Vincent de Paul is the largest single referral destination for the United Way’s 211 Hotline.  We receive nearly 10,000 referrals for homelessness prevention assistance each year.
  • 56% of households who apply for emergency homelessness prevention from St. Vincent de Paul are turned away due to a lack of resources. (Learn more: Cincinnati Family Homelessness Services Study, 2014, p. 3)

St. Vincent de Paul Success

  • St. Vincent de Paul serves over 5,000 households with emergency rent and utility assistance each year.
  • Thanks to our network of more than 950 neighborhood-based volunteers, families are served with homelessness prevention assistance in more than 75% of Hamilton County zip codes.
  • 90% of families assisted with homelessness prevention are able to avoid an eviction for at least 6 months after being helped.

St. Vincent de Paul, the Family Housing Partnership, Strategies to End Homelessness and the Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati, in collaboration with numerous local organizations serving homeless families, partnered to conduct the Family Homeless Services Study. The goals of the Family Homelessness Study were to better document the need of local homeless families through analysis of local data, to identify local & national best practices and gaps in the local system, and to draw out common themes as a foundation for a community-wide plan addressing family homelessness. 
View the Cincinnati Family Homelessness Services Study

For those seeking help with rent or utility bills, please click here for more information.