Marie Hill

Marie Hill

How long have you been a Vincentian? 1.5 years

Conference: Bellarmine

Your role in the Society: I organize our truck ministry to provide deliveries

of beds and furniture for neighbors who are unable to pick up what they need for their household. I also take my turn with the phones and I take neighbors to the food pantry, doctor’s appointments or elsewhere as the need occurs. I also collect sheets, pillows and towels from friends so that we can give them out when we deliver beds.

Most memorable Home Visit: So many memories stand out, such as each time a neighbor leads us in prayer. Their strong faith and the words that capture their faith, hope and love fill me with awe.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned as a Vincentian? Wherever I take a neighbor (for an ID, appointment, trip to see a landlord for a signature, etc.) there is always a WAIT. I used to think of Advent as a time to cultivate patience in waiting, but now I see the realities of our neighbors’ lives. They wait for buses, for food

stamps to arrive, sitting in eviction court, more minutes to become available on their phones, criminal checks to come through or a call from a prospective employer. So many are one step away from the next crisis. I see in them the face of Jesus on the way of the cross or the resurrected Jesus in their hope and faith.

Anything else that you’d like to add? I am so impressed by the Vincentian spirituality and my own faith has been deepened. Our weekly Conference meetings are an inspiration to me. We pray together, make our visits and then return to share our stories. If we struggle with judgment or need resources, there is always a supportive response. These are the most dedicated people I know.