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Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati

“We should assist the poor in every way and do it by ourselves and by enlisting the help of others…To do this is to preach the gospel by words and by work.”  - St. Vincent de Paul

For more than 140 years, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has fostered hope by providing spiritual, emotional and material assistance to the poor, lonely and forgotten in Cincinnati. Volunteers play a vital role in that providing that hope – giving of their time, talents, and resources.

Rooted in St. Vincent de Paul’s mission and tradition, Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati is a faith-based, year-long, residential service program. The program provides young professionals in their twenties an opportunity to grow in faith, friendship and service by giving deeply of themselves to their neighbors in need.

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Live in Faith – The Vincentian Volunteers live in intentional community with each other for 11 months in a home in the West End. The community has regular opportunities for shared reflection and prayer, in addition to attending three retreats. Each volunteer participates regularly in a parish-based St.Vincent de Paul Conference and has an opportunity for mentorship by a Vincentian who journeys with them throughout the year. 



Grow in Friendship –St. Vincent de Paul's motto, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” comes alive as Vincentian Volunteers enter into relationship with each other, with retreatants through the Ozanam Center for Service Learning, with local Vincentians, and with neighbors who come to St. Vincent de Paul for support and assistance.


Serve in Solidarity – Vincentian Volunteers work full-time for St. Vincent de Paul in a variety of areas, including the Choice Food Pantry, Charitable Pharmacy, Social Services, and the Ozanam Center for Service Learning. Volunteers learn new skills and gain invaluable hands-on professional experience to position them for a life-long vocation of service. As active members of a local St. Vincent de Paul Conference, Volunteers are welcomed into the homes of our neighbors in need, providing a unique opportunity to provide person-to-person service.


Program Benefits

As part of their 11 months of service, Vincentian Volunteers receive:

  • Education Award upon completion of service
  • Room and Board
  • Monthly personal and cell phone stipends
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal and Spiritual formation
  • Professional development and Career exploration
  • Assistance with securing loan deferment


Are you ready to  serve your neighbors in need?

If you feel something taking root in your heart, we would love to hear from you!

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